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Legal Expertise for Global Clients Working and Investing in Saudi Arabia Dr. Mohammed AlSanosi & Associates Law Firm is Saudi Arabia growing regional law firm. We specialize in investments, finance, commercial litigation and corporate matters for both multinational corporations and local clients. Dr. Mohammed AlSanosi & Associates Law Firm has the vast knowledge of Sharia’a Law and MENA legal systems that is a major asset to regional and international businesses and individuals. Our practice areas include, Investment In Saudi Arabia, Banking & Finance, Corporate finance, Project finance, Real estate & construction, Labor law, Company formation, Mergers and acquisitions, Commercial legal services (including review & draft of Commercial contracts and Commercial Litigation), Intellectual Property, Adjudication, mediation and Arbitration

About Our Attorneys:

DR. MOHAMMED AlSanosi Law Firm attorneys are fluent in Arabic and English and have full experience in the dispute resolution and all legal aspects of exercising business in the MENA. We also have a network of correspondent law offices throughout the MNA & the world, this is why we can assist you in business ventures throughout the fast-growing markets.
When you are represented by Dr. Mohammed AlSanosi & Associates Law Firm , this means that you are represented by a reputable law firm in Saudi Arabia, dealing with a team of lawyers experienced their areas of practice and getting a competitive legal fees compared to our expertise, experience and services.


A Message From Our Founder, Dr. Mohammed AlSanosi

The vision of  Dr. Mohammed AlSanosi & Associates Law Firm is to bring comprehensive, effective solutions to domestic and multinational legal issues that are complex in their solutions.
We join your organization as a partner of success to meet your needs in Saudi Arabia and across the MENA.
You can trust our professionals for quality client service. We look forward to building a strong, enduring relationship with the people and businesses we are privileged to serve. We are proud to be a part of Jeddah, and we look forward to continuing our commitment and support of this region.